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Note to employees around the world:

Be really careful about which items you choose to use from the shared kitchen. Or else the following may very well happen to you…


Reddit user "Phantom0591" posted a photo this week that made it clear just how fed up one woman was with a certain colleague.

By continually ganking her coffee creamer from the break room, this inconsiderate co-worker pushed the Phantom to her limit.

It seems fairly safe to say that the woman at the center of this prank was unaware of the identity of the burglar in question.

But she came up with a genius way to get the last laugh nonetheless.

The day after this person once again stole some creamer from his or her colleague, the woman in question stuck a note on the creamer.

Her message reads as follows:

"Good morning! To whomever has been enjoying my coffee creamer all week … Surprise!!! You’ve been drinking my breast milk!

"Hope you’ve enjoyed. Cheers!"

"P.S. It’s organic. So no worries."

Fake Creamer

HA! We love it.

But we really aren’t sure which side to take in this debate.

On one hand, come on. Go purchase your own creamer. Seriously, it’s cheap and easy to find and it will last for weeks, even months.

On the other hand… is it really that big of a deal?

Someone used some of your creamer and you’re that upset about it? Even if it was so blatant that you felt it had to stop … 

… is it really necessary to prove your point like this?!

As previously mentioned, it’s cheap and easy to find and it will still last for months. Why go to such an effort for payback?

Then again, on the OTHER other hand… this note is pretty hilarious and the prank pretty epic, makes the entire incident worthwhile.

Well played, Breast Milk-Making, Coffee-Drinking Employee Woman of the Year. Very well played indeed.