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The United States of America celebrated its 240th birthday on Monday.

But, really, The United States of America celebrated another opportunity for Taylor Swift to gather all her famous friends in one place.

Taylor Swift Squad Photo
Photo via Instagram

The singer has made it a tradition for her Squad to hang out for a massive throwdown on July Fourth every year, with the latest rendition taking place at Swift’s Rhode Island mansion.

According to People Magazine, the party featured a game of lawn football… lots of music… and an inflatable, red-white-and-blue slide with the words “Taymerica” on the side.

Because of course, right?

As depicted in the Instagram photo Swift shared from the shindig (above), those in attendance included Gigi Hadid, Blake Lively, Cara Delevingne, Ruby Rose and Uzo Aduba.

"Happy 4th from us" the 26-year-old artist captioned the snapshot, which was actually the only photo she shared on social media of the star-studded weekend-long celebration.

As you can see below, Taylor has been more open in the past with pictures from her annual July Fourth party:

Meanwhile… Tom Hiddleston was also in attendance.

The English actor and suddenly serious boyfriend of Swift’s was decked out in red, white and blue jumpsuit; he was seen doing flips on the inflatable slide alongside Swift’s brother, Austin.

With insiders claiming Swift is already in love with Hiddleston, the question remains:

How do her friends feel about him?

"They all really like Tom and like how he treats Taylor," a source tells E! News, adding:

"Things are moving fast between them but none of her friends are worried because they never have seen her this happy."

We feel like we’ve heard that about Swift and a boyfriend before. But, hey, whatever. Who are we to judge?

Taylor Swift Dances with Tom Hiddleston

This same insider adds that Swift and Hiddleston "both feel that their connection is rare."

Just a few months ago, Swift was all about Calvin Harris. The singer and the DJ were allegedly discussing marriage.

But Taylor then dumped Harris (over the phone, some say) and immediately moved on with Hiddleston.

Did Swift actually cheat on Harris with Hiddleston? We may never know.

We do know, however, that the 35-year-old Thor star wore an "I [heart] T. Swift" tanktop as he swam in the ocean during the party yesterday.

He also had a temporary heart tattoo with his girlfriend’s initials etched onto his bicep.

We’d have to therefore imagine a proposal is on the way.