Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston: True Love or Brilliant Publicity Stunt?

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She has an incredibly loyal following, but even some Taylor Swift's fans smell a rat when it comes to her relationship with The Night Manager's Tom Hiddleston.

Taylor Swfit Pic 2016 Vanity Fair Oscar Party
Tom Hiddleston Photo Tribeca Film Festival

As is her custom, the two reportedly started dating a mere two weeks after Swift broke up with Calvin Harris.  

Prior to that, a video surfaced of Swift and Hiddleston dancing together at the Costume Institute Gala back in May.

The pairing would have been normal if not for the "candid" photos of Swift and Hiddleston walking hand-in-hand on the beach.

Then enjoying a holiday in Rome and - most recently - hamming it up together in Rhode Island near the pop star's mansion.

On July 3, Swift invited a bunch of celebrity friends to her oceanside home, and of course photographers snapped photos of the group.

A very pregnant Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Ruby Rose, Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevigne were among those hand.

All eyes were on Taylor and Tom, however.

Hiddleston, who has a truly fantastic body, covered up with an "I Heart T.S" tank top, and donned a temporary heart tattoo (with a "T" in the middle) on his shoulder.

Is this all just a little too perfect?

Buzzfeed explored the possibility that both parties are in this for promotional purposes.  In fact, one fan offered up this theory:

"I really think the Taylor Swift /Tom Hiddleston thing could be a music video," @TattooedTruffle tweeted.

"In fact as a screw you to the media I hope it is."

Tom Hiddleston for W Magazine

The Telegraph's Anita Singh was equally skeptical.

"This whole relationship will turn out to be an elaborate piece of performance art, mark my words," she tweeted.

According to Buzzfeed, Swift has historically released a new album every two years (the last was 1989 in October 2014, which was preceded by the single, "Shake It Off" in August).

So, Swift could be gearing up for a single release this summer.

Hiddleston, for his part, might be jonesin' for publicity in order to score an Emmy nod for Manager.

Taylor Swift Squad Photo

What's even weirder is that Hiddleston and Swift have been followed by the same paparazzo throughout the entirety of their courtship.

If you were a skeptic, you might conclude that this one photographer has been hired to capture their most romantic moments.

This theory, though unconfirmed, was reportedly the topic of conversation among my friends over the Fourth of July weekend.  

One person took a look at the 35-year-old British actor in the tank top and said, "They're f--king with us."

So, Swiddleton/Swiddleswift/Tiddleston... whatever you call yourself, we're calling on you to set the record straight:  

End this dog-and-pony show and just be honest about your motives, because this is getting silly.

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