Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris: HOW Did It End?

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Why did the romance between Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris end? That question has been the topic of great speculation in recent weeks.

Taylor Swift Hugs Calvin Harris

There have been many working theories, from Harris thinking Swift was boring and wanting to move on... to Harris thinking Swift cheated on her.

But neither of these hypotheses is accurate, according to TMZ.

That shady, albeit reliable, website reports that the 26-year-old pop megastar was actually the one to dump Harris...


Insiders tell TMZ that Swift pulled a Joe Jonas on Harris, doing the same thing to the DJ as that singer did to her way back in the day.

Taylor supposed called Calvin from Nashville, Tennessee at some point after his car accident a few weeks ago.

Pulling the plug on their relationship, Swift was allegedly vague during the call, simply saying she needed some space.

Don't they always.

Pretty weak ass move, but hey, we've all been in a position at some point where the shortest, easiest route seems like the best.

Harris was stunned by the development, in any case.

He did not see it coming and figured everything was fine - and that Swift would help him recover from the injuries he had just sustained. 

The stars have not spoken since this call.

It's worth noting that another insider disputes this account to TMZ, so we would be best advised to take it with a grain of salt.

Or several grains. Maybe even a rock of salt.

But we can tell you this for certain, based on those photos from Rhode Island: Swift moved on very quickly to Tom Hiddleston.

Would she have done that if she really still has feelings for Harris? Or could she be using The Avengers star as some kind of rebound?

We may never know. But it's Taylor Swift.

It's always fun to theorize, isn't it?

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