LeAnn Rimes: Brandi Glanville Destroyed My Confidence!

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For a while there, it looked like LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville had ended their feud.

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Brandi Glanville On Hollywood Today Live

Both parties made the truce official on social media, and Brandi even wished LeAnn a happy wedding anniversary, which couldn't have been easy, what with LeAnn being married to Brandi's ex-husband and all.

Anyway, it looks like those days are officially done.

Maybe it's because LeAnn has an album to promote.

Maybe she's pissed off about reports that Brandi is dating Dean Sheremet, who happens to be LeAnn's first husband.

Whatever the case, LeAnn is back to throwing subtle shade at Brandi in interviews.

(And, we're guessing, hoping that Brandi gives it right back to her, so as to drum up some good press.)

In a new interview with a UK newspaper, LeAnn was asked point-blank if she gets along with Brandi.

She responded in the affirmative - before immediately throwing shade:

"Um, yeah, at the moment! It's been a rough road. I do not recommend it or wish it on anyone. My confidence got knocked down a lot and I had to find my way back."

Is she really throwing herself a pity party over how tough it was to sleep with a married man while she was also married?!

We're guessing Brandi is having a good laugh over that one.

And tonight, once the wine starts flowing, we wouldn't be surprised if she fires off a tweet or two in response.

We'll be waiting with out fingers crossed.

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