Bikini-Clad Police Officer Makes Sexiest Arrest Ever

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They say there’s no rest for the weary.

But there’s also no rest for a police officer, not even when she’s out sunbathing with friends.


A member of the Stockholm Police Department for the past 11 years, Mikaela Kellner was off-duty and taking it easy on Tuesday when a man claiming to sell magazines for homeless people came up to them.

Kellner and her pals turned down his request to purchase some publications, but the man kept hanging around.

This prompted suspicion on the part of the long-time cop.

“I told my friends to keep an eye on their things,” Kellner said, according to

“But as soon as he left, one of my friends said, ‘Where did my mobile phone go?’”

Assuming the man had used a magazine to cover up the stolen item, that's when Kellner sprung into sexy action, sprinting after the culprit despite only wearing a bikini at the time.

“There was no time, so I ran after him, maybe 15 meters or so,” she told

“One of my friends is also a police officer, so we got hold of him. He tried to get away so we held onto him harder."

A bystander snapped the following photo and it has since gone viral:

Bikini Arrest!

What was Kellner thinking during the chase and takedown?

Nothing, really.

“I did not hesitate. Had I been naked, I would have also intervened,” she told

“There was nothing stopping me, but it was a little comical that I grabbed him in a bikini.”

Indeed it was. But maybe not unexpected for Kellner.

A fitness fanatic, she shares many photos of herself post-workout on Instagram.

She also shared a Facebook video of herself doing parkour in December and it has been viewed nearly 500,000 times.

This is not your average police officer, as proven both above and below.

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