Jordan Rodgers: Plot to Become The Bachelor EXPOSED!

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JoJo Fletcher may be headed for serious heartbreak, according to The Bachelorette spoilers ... or just basic common sense at this juncture.

AND according to the latest of a TON of reports pertaining to shady Season 12 frontrunner Jordan Rodgers' past and present motives.

Jordan Rodgers with JoJo Fletcher

It's not the first time you've heard this, nor will it be the last, but Us reports that the former NFL backup QB is there for the wrong reasons.

Ever since Jordan Rodgers was cut by the Miami Dolphins in 2014, the brother of Green Bay Packers star Aaron Rodgers has been reeling.

Dreaming of a high­ profile life he could see but never quite touch, “He knew football wasn’t going to work out,” says a Rodgers source.

“And he wants to be famous desperately.”

The California native took a job in business development for a sports-medicine company, and landed a part in 2015’s Pitch Perfect 2.

After that, he set his sights on the small screen to boost his public profile - both in sports broadcasting and, yes, reality TV.

Specifically, a certain ABC franchise.

JoJo and Jordan

“Originally, Jordan wanted to go on The Bachelorette to become The Bachelor,” reveals a close Rodgers friend. “That was his goal.”

Of Rodgers' claims that producers reached out to him a week before filming and he had never before seen it, a friend is calling B.S.

Jordan, he says, has an acquaintance who works on the series, and that connection got him on the final list of 26 men seeking JoJo.

“He plotted this,” says the Rodgers source.

Producers never suspected a thing, either.

“When they were casting him,” according to a show insider, clearly versed in show cliches, “they thought he was there for the right reasons.”

In Jordan's defense (sort of), the alleged friend ratting him out says that he hatched this plan when Caila Quinn was presumed to headline.

“Jordan wasn’t stoked when it was Caila" in the starring role, the friend says, because, frankly "he had no desire to date her."

That made his plan a lot less complicated.

But when ABC pulled a switcheroo on The Bachelor: After the Final Rose special, announcing Fletcher instead of Quinn last minute?

“Jordan was excited when he found out it was JoJo," and once taping began, Rodgers’ motive changed and became a lot less self-serving.

“In the beginning, yes, Jordan went on the show for his career,” says the pal. “But then it 100 percent switched. He was really into JoJo."

"He definitely fell in love with her.”

Still, doubt nags at fair Fletcher.

“JoJo feels like Jordan is out of her league, for some reason,” according to a show insider. “Even though he says he’s falling for her."

Could it be the fact that Jordan scored a gig with the SEC Network and may still be using her - even if he likes her more than Calia?!

Just a theory.

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