Jon Gosselin on Kate Gosselin: Our Relationship SUCKS!!!

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If scrolling through Facebook has begun to damage your self-esteem because you feel like all of your friends are doing better than you, take heart:

Jon Gosselin is back in the news, and his life would make anyone's look good by comparison.

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Last week, we learned that Gosselin was working at T.G.I. Friday's.

The very next day, we learned that Gosselin had quit his job at Friday's over his belief that boneless Buffalo wings are a crime against nature.

Just kidding, his real reason was even more ridiculous:

"I’m not going to work there anymore because now the trust and the teamwork is gone,” Gosselin said in an interview after TMZ revealed that he was serving up Jack Daniel's ribs for a living.

While hearing Gosselin talk about his "passion" for working the grill at a chain that's most famous for making its waiters wear a bunch of stupid buttons and crap is amusing, Jon's best interviews are the ones in which he gets candid about his ex-wife, the apocalyptic beast foretold in Revelation Kate Gosselin.

When we checked in on him last month, Jon still hated Kate

Turns out very little has changed:

"I don’t think there is a point in being married. I mean, I might be spiritually, but there really isn’t a point. Our kids are grown now. I don’t know, I have mixed emotions about marriage. I do.

"Anyone who does it when they’re young, god bless them. I see bachelorette parties when I’m DJ’ing and I’ll say, 'Congratulations! It’s so wonderful. Let me play Bruno Mars for you.'"

Yes, it turns out Jon's contempt for his baby mama is such that it's soured him on both the idea of marriage and the music of Bruno Mars. Shame.

Asked point-blank how his "relationship" with Kate is going these days, Jon got hilariously blunt:

"Things are still s---ty. Nothing new. I’ve almost been divorced as long as I was married. I’m not trying to stop the shows she’s doing now.

"Have I done anything to stop what she’s doing? No ... Maybe I should just keep my emotions out of the press, but it’s kinda hard not to when people are throwing you under a bus. Don’t take my dignity away, because you know nothing about it."

Sounds like he's not doing a great job with that "keeping his emotions out of the press" part.

And for that, we thank him.

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