Jon Gosselin: Quitting T.G.I. Friday's, All Our Fault

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Before yesterday, Jon Gosselin was happy working the grill at T.G.I. Friday's.

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Well, now he's going to quit.  Why?  Because we're all a bunch of jerks for revealing his job.

TMZ first reported that Gosselin was part of the kitchen staff at the Lancaster, PA franchise, accompanied by a selfie Gosselin took with two other employees.

It's believed that one of Gosselin's co-workers sold the story (and photo) to the media outlet.

Gosselin had reportedly been working there for a few months before being found out, and yesterday morning he tweeted his disappointment (which has since been deleted) at TMZ, and the internet in general.

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Gosselin was furious that a job he was "passionate" about was being used as tabloid fodder.  AND he was donating his paycheck to charity.

"I’m not going to work there anymore because now the trust and the teamwork is gone,” Gosselin told 103.7 in Dallas on July 20th.

“Now someone took a picture of me and sold it … Now I gotta leave a job I was passionate about.”

The restaurant's general manager, Scott Trompeter told Page Six how much he liked having Gosselin as an employee.

"He works here because he likes to cook," Trompeter said. 

"He cooks during the day for me and sometimes here and there.  He's done a great job the last couple of months.  He's part of my Friday's family."

As of today, the restaurant's rep told Page Six that Gosselin hasn't yet left Friday's.

"His employment with us as a team member is in good standing," the rep said.

Trompeter confirmed that Gosselin does indeed donate his check to charity.

"Every week," Trompeter said, adding that the 39-year-old former reality star works 7-8 shifts, three days a week.

Gosselin does, however, make time for DJ gigs, which he tries to do at least once a month.

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