Farrah Abraham: Criticized For Posting MORE Inappropriate Photos of Daughter!

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Farrah Abraham has never been on anyone's Mother of the Year shortlist, but there was a time when she directed the majority of her crazy at the other adults in her life, sometimes attacking co-workers in wild bursts of "creative temperament."

Sadly, now that Farrah's daughter has reached the ripe old age of 7, it seems reality/porn star has turned her focus toward molding a mini-bestie in her own image.

Sophia Abraham Modeling Pic

That's one of the Sophia "modeling pics" that Farrah has posted online in recent weeks, much to the chagrin of her many followers.

If you lost a lot of weight a few years back, and you were recently dismissed by the Subway corporation, you might not see the problem with a 7-year-old posing for such grown-up photos, but many on Farrah's social media pages have expressed their discomfort.

Farrah being Farrah, she responded not only with more pics, but also with bieind-the-scenes video of a 7-year-old's swimsuit shoot, because that's something that anyone who doesn't have go door-to-door when he moves to a new neighborhood has ever clamored to see:

As you might expect, the reaction to the above clip, was not exactly favorable.

Some choice comments include:

"She should be swimming with kids her own age," one Instagram user commented. "Splashing. Playing Marco Polo. Something other than laying in a pool with cameras in her face. Poor Sophia.

"The grandma should step in. I'm a grandmother and if I saw this I would snap that kid up quick. This is out of control."

"It's not the kid, it's the parent. She's a moron."

"Sad for this poor girl. She has no one to protect her innocence."

So what is Farrah supposed to do, stop posting videos of Sophia that are clearly designed to outrage?

Yeah. Yeah, that's exactly what she should do.

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