Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom: Oh, It's On, Alright!

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For the better part of a year now, we've all known that Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are dating.

Katy Perry At Launch For CoverGirl Collection
Orlando Bloom in Cannes

But despite the fact that they've made it "Instagram official" by posting pics of one another, there's been no real confirmation from the couple themselves.

That kinda, sorta changed last night after one of the biggest moments of Katy's life.

As you've no doubt heard by now, Katy appeared at the Democratic National Convention last night.

And before bringing the crowd to its feet with a couple of her signature tunes, Katy gave a stirring speech that touched on her own past and her pride in being a part of the historic evening:

Naturally, as the most popular person on Twitter, Katy received a lot of praise on social media after she left the stage.

One follower praised the line, "It's not where you come from, but what you grow into."

Katy subtweeted, "Lando put that one in," followed by a heart Emoji.

Wow. Lots to unpack in so few words.

For starters, it's awesome that Katy rejects the more populat "Orly" nickname in afvor of the Star Wars-esque "Lando."

More importantly, however - they're like definitely a real couple now, right?

Nicknames, heart Emojis, collaborating on a speech for the DNC!!!

This is not the stuff of casual f--k buddies.

These two are serious, and Lando picked a great time to couple up with KP.

She's officially winning the war against Taylor Swift, and if the prognosticators are correct, Katy will have a powerful ally in the White House come November's inauguration.

Of course, she's always had some awe-inspiring girls on her side:

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