Chelsea Houska: Site Hilariously Mistakes Teen Mom Star For Jenelle Evans

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If you're going to report a pregnancy, check your facts first.

The Cast of Teen Mom 2 Photo

Also, make sure you're talking about the right person.

That's what the Parent Herald did when they covered Chelsea Houska's pregnancy announcement.

"Chelsea Houska of Teen Mom 2 is reportedly pregnant with baby number 2," the blurb read.

"The reality star posted on her Instagram the good news on July 12th.

Chelsea Houska Jenelle Evans Pregnancy Announcement Wrong Pic

The photo selected for the story is one I wouldn't personally choose, but who am I to cast judgment?

"Um...this isn’t me," Houska wrote.

Fans were confused too, not just by the mix-up of names, but by the mug shot.

“Even if that was you, why would they choose that photo for this type of announcement?” one fan asked.

There is no love lost between Evans and Houska, especially after Evans accused the mom-to-be of stealing her idea to launch a website.

“Monkey see monkey do…unreal” Evans wrote in a now-deleted tweet back in March.

“So over this show.”

Kailyn Lowry, who is close to her co-star, Houska, came to her friend's defense. 

“They say imitation is the best form of flattery…It’s also flattering when someone thinks you’re copying them. Sorry babe, but no.”

It all started when Houska allegedly reached out to Evans' publicist to help her kickstart her career.

According to Radar Online, Evans was angry.

“She voiced her opinion, and then she was attacked by Chelsea’s fans and fans of the show," a source said.

“Jenelle’s working on a skincare line, has a new website, working on Potty Trainers and all of these other partnership things. Chelsea comes out with a website and reached out to Jenelle’s skincare person - Jenelle’s annoyed by the copying.” 

Houska fired back at Evans' former manager, Johnny Donovan (whom Evans unceremoniously fired).

“I'm a licensed esthetician. I've been planning on a skincare line since I was in school," Houska tweeted. "You're not that original."

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