Nathan Griffith: Arrested For Drunk & Disorderly Conduct!

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He may no longer be with Jenelle Evans, but he's with her in spirit as Nathan Griffith continues to have his own troubles with the law.

Nathan Griffith Mugshot

The Teen Mom 2 star and father of Jenelle's youngest son is giving her a run for her money in the ne'er-do-well department these days.

Starcasm broke the story of his arrest (his most recent of many) Saturday in Myrtle Beach, after which he was booked and charged.

Nathan allegedly is accused of drunken disorderly conduct and using profane language, though it's not clear exactly what led to this.

It doesn't sound like Jenelle was involved either; more on that shortly.

A representative for the Myrtle Beach Police Department reportedly said, “[It] looks like he had disorderly conduct and resisted arrest.”

No further details have been made available as of this report.

He is due in court today; Nathan and Jessica Henry, his current girlfriend, have been radio silent on social media since his apprehension.

Jenelle, meanwhile, couldn't resist throwing a bit of shade:

Jenelle Cheers Nathan's Arrest

Hey, when you're Jenelle, you gotta revel in this a little.

She's been on the other side (of a cell) enough to appreciate what he's going through ... or more accurately, what she's not currently going through.

Based on her Twitter reaction, it looks like she found out about the news the same way we did, reading the good ol' world wide Internets.

Definitely a positive sign if she wasn't privy to this.

This isn't to say Jenelle Evans' next arrest is likely that far off, either; David Eason, her current boyfriend, is the epitome of a bad seed.

Combined with her track record? Just give it time.

For today, though, she can gloat all she wants - especially given the fact that the two are battling for custody of son Kaiser. This won't help Nate.

In any case, Nathan sure is piling up the mug shots in a bid to catch his former fiancee, but as you can see ... she's got a head start.

On Griffith and most of humanity for that matter:

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