Kim Kardashian: You're Not a Feminist If You Support Kanye, Piers Morgan Argues

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As you've no doubt heard by now, Kanye West is once again stirring the pot with the release of his "Famous" music video.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: 2016 Costume Institute Gala

The clip features nude wax statues of several celebs lying naked in bed next to the rapper.

Despite the deliberate provocation and further cries for attention from Kanye in the form of "somebody sue me!" tweets, most of the famous figures in the clip (who range from Rihanna to George W. Bush) have simply shrugged off West's latest "performance art" or failed to acknowledge it at all.

If you missed it, the women whose lifeless figures are lying on either side of Kanye in the video have received the most attention.

That would be his wife Kim Kardashian and his longtime rival Taylor Swift; West's placement of those two could not have been coincidental.

Swift was the subject of a misogynistic tirade in the lyrics, and in a recent piece for the UK's Daily Mail, Piers Morgan hammers Kanye.

West, he argues, should face criminal prosecution for using her likeness in what basically amounts to revenge porn.

"This is abuse, pure and simple; an older man exposing a younger woman to public sexual humiliation," Morgan writes.

"Taylor’s said to be ‘hurt and angry’ by the video, and who can blame her?

"If it was my daughter Kanye was violating in this disgraceful way, I’d be round his house now with the L.A.P.D."

"(Perhaps Taylor’s new boyfriend Tom Hiddleston will have his own way of dealing with such a revolting slur?)"

Furthermore, he argues, Kim Kardashian should have her feminist card revoked for blindly supporting her controversial husband.

"'She's talented at being beautiful,' you recently claimed about Kim," Morgan writes.

"Only none of this is beautiful. It's ugly; very, very ugly."

"And it makes further mockery of Kim's claim to be some sort of feminist icon."

Kanye is obviously not concerned about being sued by other artists.

But by hitting him where it hurts - he and his wife's roles as important cultural icons - Morgan may have just delivered a crushing blow to the rapper's ego.

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