Katy Perry: Throwing Shade at Taylor Swift With New Perfume?!

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Long before Kim Kardashian vs. Taylor Swift, the Queen of Bad Blood was embroiled in another bitter conflict with a different one of her A-list peers.

Taylor Swift at BMI Pop Awards
Katy Perry At Launch For CoverGirl Collection

The Katy Perry-Taylor Swift feud was the one that first showed us that the cat-loving Ms. Swift has some claws of her own.

Rather than letting the media speculate that she and Katy were at odds, Taylor straight-up confirmed the rumors in song form with "Bad Blood."

You might remember the video, in which Taylor and her squad basically sent the message that, like the Wu-Tang Clan, they ain't nothin' to f--k with.

The song's chorus was likely stuck in your head for about six weeks last year, but in case you forgot the titular line went:

"'Cause baby now we got bad/You know it used to be mad love."

Taylor never explicitly confirmed that the line was meant to throw shade at Katy, but there's basically no other way to interpret it.

So it's hard to believe that the name of Katy's new fragrance doesn't qualify as return fire:

Katy Perrys Mad Love

Yes, Mad Love.

Two words that mean an awful lot to Swifties and KatyCats alike.

Obviously, we're not certain that Katy's intention was to dredge up old beefs, but doing so in this fashion would certainly fir with her M.O.

Katy never dissed Taylor at the Super Bowl or publicly talked trash, despite having many, many opportunities to do so.

Instead she threw low-key shade while ostensibly taking the high road, and this seems to be the latest example of that strategy.

Something tells us that despite its name, Mad Love smells an awful lot like bad blood.

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