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Gigi Hadid wants the world to know that she’s a good girlfriend. 

It is a bit fitting considering her relationship is over with Zayn Malik, and also pretty random to say at an awards ceremony. 

Hadid won an award at Guys Choice Awards 2016 (Yes, that’s a thing!) on Sunday evening and had a lot of things on her mind for her speech. 

Gigi Hadid at Spike's 2016 Guys Choice Awards

"I called a friend and was like, ‘What do I say that’s funny?" Hadid said in her acceptance speech.

"And she was like, "Try and think of like, something that you did [that was] mean to a crush in middle school and try to make a joke about that."

"I was like, you know what? I have always been like, kind of like a good girlfriend! Like, even in middle school when I had crushes, like, I’ve always been like kind of nice!"

It would be interesting to hear Zayn’s take on whether or not this is actually true.

Moreover, it would be good to find out the reasons behind their break-up. The couple have not addressed it publicly. 

It’s almost like they don’t care about the celebrity gossip world. Sheesh!

It’s not like either of them are in dire need of free publicity. Zayn has a successful solo career and Gigi is sitting pretty with the likes of Taylor Swift… so they’re always going to be in the news. 

There is also word on the street that couple have broken up several times during their seven-month relationship and always end up back together.

So this may not be the end of their romance after all. 

At least we know that Hadid won’t be penning any songs about her relationship like her famous gal pal, Swift. At least we hope not.

Maybe Hadid’s mother, Yolanda, wants her to save some of their drama for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

Can you imagine Zayn dropping by on the show? That would so awkward, but we’d still be watching!

Gigi also took time to pay tribute to Muhammad Ali, who died last week.

"I just wanted to say Muhammed Ali has touched me so much in my life and I’m so grateful to have met him," she said.

"So I just wanted to openly say rest in peace, Muhammed…you’re the champ!"

What are your thoughts on her comments?