Teen Mom 2 Season 7 Episode 12 Recap: The End of the Line

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Monday's Teen Mom 2 Season 7 Episode 12, the season finale, featured tensions, meltdowns and drama galore for the fab four.

When you sit and watch Teen Mom 2 online this week, you'll see the culmination - or the beginning - of so many familiar storylines.

For Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin, things undeniably went bad to worse to worse yet during Teen Mom 2 Season 7 Episode 12.

Surprisingly, the fact that Kailyn doesn't want any more kids played a role in why the couple finally agreed they should pursue a divorce.

"Javi and I have not been good for two freakin' years, why on God's green earth would I bring another child into that?" Lowry told a friend.

A fair point, but this was a big deal for her husband, who wasn't happy.

"He says if I'm not gonna have any more kids, he can't stay with me," Kailyn added, and later, they discussed their split via FaceTime.

(The distance factor certainly didn't do either of them any favors here.)

"I guess there is no future," Javi said from overseas, where he is deployed, when Kailyn confirmed that more were out of the question.

"I'm always gonna resent you, I'm always be mad at you deep down."

"Once we decide to get a divorce [here or at home] ... my dad can move my s--t, and when I get home I don't have to go to that house."

Javi even asked Kailyn to get the ball rolling on the divorce papers.

Pretty crazy and so sad. As for whether Kailyn Lowry is dating a woman or has a whole history with women, that remains to be seen.

Speaking of moving on, Jeremy Calvert introduced Leah Messer to his new girlfriend, Brooke Wehr, and it went ... surprisingly well.

"If they're serious then I'm happy for him," she said. "I don't want to disrespect her the way I disrespected [Corey Simms' wife] Miranda."

Easier said than done, of course.

Before long, Leah was absolutely rips--t at Jeremy when she learned he ditched their daughter Addie to pick up Brooke's kid instead.

"He needs to stop worrying about someone else's child and worry about his own ... I'm not gonna allow Jeremy to hurt Addie," Messer said.

"I'm not gonna allow it."

Stay tuned there, but things are going Leah's way in some respects. It's been a year since rehab, which she celebrated with a barbecue.

"There was a time I thought, s--t, I'm giving up," Messer said, but look how far she's come since then. You gotta give her many props.

As for Jenelle Evans, she told her son Jace all about the ongoing custody battle with her mom, Barbara Evans, explaining her past:

"When you were a baby, the judge told me and Meme, since I didn't have a house for me and you to live in, that you had to stay with Meme."

"So, now I have to take Meme back to court to ask the judge if I can have you back," Jenelle said, and the little guy seemed receptive.

At least until he saw an epic fight in which Babs threw major shade at Jenelle Evans' boyfriend and said she is "brainwashing" Jace.

FWIW, said boyfriend, David Eason, was captured by MTV cameras telling Jace, "You're 6 years old. Do not scream like a little girl."

Chelsea Houska knows a thing or two about bad boys, and when it comes to Adam Lind, she scored a victory regarding child support.

Which he ranted about online.

"He's been making posts on social media like, 'I guess she needs this money, blah, blah, blah,' as in I need his money," she vented.

"No," clarified The Housk, "first of all child support is not for me. And you haven't had any responsibility for the last six years."

Damn straight.

Chelsea called Adam "delusional" and a "narcissist," but at least when fiance Cole DeBoer's wedding ring came in the mail, it was awesome.

Basically these two are over the moon and Chelsea said it best: "You're gonna put a baby in me ... we're gonna make little Colies!" 

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