Charlie Sheen Wishes He Had Used More Condoms

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Charlie Sheen isn't exactly winning at life these days.

The actor admitted last year that he was diagnosed with HIV four years ago and he's had trouble getting laid ever since.

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We wonder why.

Now, in his return to The Today Show, Sheen has opened up about which actions he wishes he could take back over the past several years.

How does he feel about his contentious departure from Two and a Half Men?

About allegedly lying to past sexual partners about his health status?

"I regret not using a condom one or two times when this whole thing happened,” Sheen told Matt Lauer this morning, adding:

“I regret ruining Two and a Half Men. I regret not being more involved in my children’s lives growing up… But, we can only move forward from today, and they wouldn’t call it the past if it wasn’t.”

Those are some pretty enormous regrets.

But he's right: all he can do is focus on the future and try to make up for the mistakes he's made in this key areas of life.

As for how Sheen is doing these days?

He recently sought alternative treatment from a doctor in Mexico, reportedly sending a gang to beat up the physician there after Sheen didn't receive the assistance he hoped for.

"That didn’t go so well. That man is a criminal; he’s a charlatan,” the 50-year old said, revealing that, while under Dr. Sam Chachoua’s care, the virus count in his bloodstream jumped from 0 to 7,000.

“He’s hurting a lot of good and decent people.”

Sheen is currently undergoing treatment as part of an FDA trial.

It permits the troubled star to declare himself “undetectable,” as he describes his current healthcare routine as “one shot per week, as opposed to pills everyday."

Sheen says this treatment is the "future" for all HIV patients.

On his previous Today appearance back in November, Sheen stunned the world when he sat across from Lauer and talked about his disease.

He said he was diagnosed with HIV more than four years earlier.

“It’s a hard three letters to absorb. It’s a turning point in one’s life,” he said at the time.

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