Kody Brown: I'm Totes Gonna Get Me a Fifth Sister Wife!

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Sister Wives star Kody Brown recently dropped a bombshell on his big polygamous, reality TV crew - he is so on the market for bride #5!

Kody Brown, Wives

Embroiled in turmoil since wife #1 Meri Brown's catfishing scandal, the TLC family has been left reeling and searching for answers.

Or in Kody's case, more wives.

Yes, instead of digging in and getting down to business fixing problems within his already-huge family, he has his eye on a new prize.

Oh, and it gets crazier still:

Brown has “set his sights” on Mindy Jessop, a pretty blonde who works as the nanny of his youngest son Solomon, Life & Style reports.

So yeah, Kody totally wants to bang Mindy the nanny ... who also happens to be the step-niece of Brown's fourth/newest spouse Robyn.

Ironic, since Kody is only banging Robyn, leaving the others jealous. Guess she's about to see how the other half (three-quarters?) lives.

Robyn “can’t believe he would betray her like that,” a source told the magazine, adding that needless to say, the other wives are pissed too.

Brown's brazen decision reportedly caused them to walk out when broke the news ... but are the Sister Wives leaving Kody for good?

“The fight over wife number five got so bad and the four wives were so disgusted by the idea they just left,” another insider revealed.

So why do it if you're the Kode-Man?

A couple of reasons, apparently:

  1. Ratings
  2. Boning

Makes sense if you think about it.

"He’s doing whatever it takes to save the show,” a family friend says. “He wants a younger female with a hot little body, which Robyn was."

“At first. Now she believes, ‘Oh maybe I am replaceable. Maybe I have gained some weight.' She’s refusing to do this anymore."

"She can't believe this.”

No? Kody’s deception (if you can call it that), or pursuit of new wives isn't really news to his other wives, who felt the same about Robyn.

“The problem is when Kody gets tired of you, he’s done," the source said of Brown's lifestyle. "He just kind of moves onto the next thing."

Just kind of.

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