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When the world first learned that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris had broken up, it was reported that he was the one who decided to call it quits.

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In the past 24 hours, however, a pair of developments have led many to the conclusion that Taylor was actually the one to pull the plug.

First, there was the news that Taylor is dating Tom Hiddleston.

Maybe lanky blonde lads from the U.K. are just her thing these days, and Taylor moved on inordinately quickly from a relationship of over one year.

Or maybe there’s something more going on here.

Perhaps Taylor wasn’t blindsided by Harris kicking her to the curb.

Perhaps she found it so easy to move on because she’s the one who handed him his walking papers in order to avoid a PR nightmare.

According to Radar Online, a pic that’s being described as a "Calvin Harris dick pic" is making it’s way around the interwebz.

Editors at the site say the pic shows "a shirtless man sprawled on a bed, holding his erect penis."

We assume he’s flaxen-pubed which means the dong in question could very well be Harris’ … but it could also belong to another tow-headed dong-possessor.

Like, say … Tom Hiddleston.

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Just kidding, it’s probably Calvin’s.

And Taylor probably dropped his ass because of it.

The photo was allegedly sent to a "Los Angeles-based music executive."

Taylor may have caught wind of it and concluded that all those rumors about Harris cheating on her while she was on tour were true.

Or maybe she didn’t feel like having her team handle yet another Calvin controversy.

Whatever the case, the man now has all the time in the world to hang out at as many happy ending massage parlors as he’d like.