Calvin Harris: Taylor Swift's Boyfriend Accused of Receiving "Happy Ending" at Thai Massage Parlor

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Taylor Swift may have once sang about a "Love Story," but we don't think this is the sort of happy ending she had in mind.

Radar Online has photos of Calvin Harris leaving a Thai massage parlor in LA with a rather satisfied look on his face.

Taylor, of course, is currently thousands of miles away, touring the Midwest on her 1989 tour.

It's worth noting that the rub-and-tug Harris sleepily moseyed out of today is the first result that comes up in a Google search for "best Thai massage happy ending."

Calvin Harris Red Carpet Image

However, in Calvin's defense, many of the business' Yelp reviews come from pissed-off men who did not, uh...find the release that they were looking for.

If it turns out Calvin was receiving a full frontal massage, it'll be the latest in a long line of strikes against a dude who once seemed to be Taylor's perfect match.

Last month, Calvin went off on Zayn Malik in what he probably thought was a chivalrous defense of Taylor's virtue, but came off more as bizarre temper tantrum.

Shortly thereafter, Calvin attacked Avril Lavigne on social media, again because of some perceived slight against Swift.

His publicist denies the feud, it's interesting that Swift brought Lavigne on stage just a few days later to show the world that there's no bad blood. 

Calvin Harris: Appropriately tall and blonde Prince Charming, or pervy unenthusiastic hand-job aficionado? You be the judge.

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