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After briefly going AWOL, Apollo Nida has finally checked into the Kentucky prison that will serve as his home for the next eight years.

Apollo left for prison yesterday morning, but decided to make a detour along the way and stop by the home of his estranged wife Phaedra Parks.

Nida verbally attacked Parks, forced himself into her home and made off with some of her property, all while cameras were rolling, witnesses say.

Given his unusual behavior, many assumed The Real Housewives of Atlanta star would go on the run. Late last night, however, Nida posted the following video message online:

Apollo Nida Prison Message

"Well, everyone, I have finally arrived at the penitentiary," Nida says in the 16-second clip. "I’m about to go asunder. Thank you for the support and prayer. Stay tuned and you’ll hear from me shortly."


Based on that brief message, we can safely assume that:

  1. Nida has begun serving his sentence
  2. He has no idea what the word "asunder" means.

We’re not sure what Apollo meant when he said "you’ll hear from me shortly," but prison officials might want to keep an eye out for any suspicious Rita Hayworth posters in his cell.

Sounds like dude’s planning on pulling a Shawshank.

Nida was convicted of fraud back in May after cashing several stolen checks and laundering money.

He cooperated with prosecutors in hopes of avoiding jail time, but only succeeded in having his sentence reduced; it’s unclear if this week’s shenanigans will jeopardize that.