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Move over, Ariel Winter. Bella Thorne continues to grab the attention of her 12 million fans with eye-popping Instagram photos galore.

Bella Thorne Denim Modeling
Photo via Instagram

Oh yes, 12.2 million on Instagram, and a sizable Snapchat following as well – a social media army she did not accumulate by accident.

Like Ariel, or Kylie Jenner, it’s astonishing that Thorne is only 18, and that she’s been tantalizing fans for so many years before this.

Bella lives up to her name, as she proved for the umpteenth time in a flirty, triangle denim bikini top paired with striped, high-waist jeans.

Striking a pose beside a brick wall, she rocked a sexy, edgy black jacket draped across her shoulders, and a pair of glossy ankle boots.

Not a look just anyone can pull off. But she’s not just anyone.

Bella Thorne: A Bikini Selfie
Photo via Instagram

Later, she took to Snapchat to show off the unconventional denim on denim, glamorously accessorized, summer bikini look.

The former Disney star captioned the above shots:

"Was feelin it with my bunny ears today 🙂 (you can barely see them in this photo but I promise they are there) #ootd #vintage."

Never to be content with good enough, Thorne continued to tease her fans on Snapchat with selfie after selfie of herself.

It’s like she knows what the people want.

Bella Thorne Denim Bikini Pic
Photo via Instagram

Proving that less is more (especially when you look like Bella Thorne), she opted for a simple makeup look by celebrity standards.

With bold eyebrows, flushed cheeks, and a plum lip, she posed for her fans with her signature red hair pulled into a half-up hairstyle.

Simply stated, it works. It just does.

The young actress’ full-body shots totally showcased Bella’s perfect abs as well as her fashion sense. Some girls just have it all.

She even shared a video to boot:

Perhaps the best part of all this?

Having learned from the controversy stirred up when Thorne called herself Latina and was attacked by trolls, she kept it simple.

Why court any controversy when you can appeal to the masses without the least bit of controversy regarding one’s heritage?

Abs. Bikinis. Selfies.

Call it the KISSME method: Keep It Simple on Social Media Everyday. Preferably while teasing us with shots of her perfect body.

Bravo, Bella. Bravo.