Teen Mom 2 Season 7 Episode 10 Recap: Shocking Video ROCKS Leah Messer to Her Core

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Last night on Teen Mom 2 Season 7 Episode 10, a disturbing video threatened to rock the co-parenting of Corey and Leah to its core.

Leah Messier

You don't even have to watch Teen Mom 2 online to know Leah Messer has been put through the wringer of late, for a myriad of reasons.

Her parenting is a frequent topic of Internet fascination.

Not a week goes by without some new crisis, and this was no exception as Leah was furious with her ex-spouse for his latest accusations.

Amid reports that Leah's daughter isn't gaining weight, she felt that Corey was accusing her of not feeding her enough at her house.

Messer says she feeds her kids, thankyouverymuch, and went off on her ex and their situation on a phone call with her cousin, Chastity.

Chastity recorded a conversation Ali had with her about Miranda Patterson, Corey's wife, and the contents of that call rattled Messer.

"Miranda always gets mad at me 'cause my backpack's too heavy," Ali (who suffers from a form of muscular dystrophy) says on the tape.

"I give her my backpack when it's too heavy outside. When we're going inside. And she says, 'Ali, I have to hold a baby.'"

Leah was clearly upset, and Chastity proceeded to go OFF: "The lazy bitch needs to pick the backpack up and carry it for her."

"Just because they didn't come out of your t--t like Remi (Corey and Miranda's daughter), doesn't mean you treat em any different."

Amen to that?

Meanwhile, in South Dakota, Adam Lind committed yet another epic parenting fail by ditching Aubree's father-daughter dance at school.

Luckily Chelsea Houska, who definitely sent him a reminder text beforehand, stepped up to the plate along with her fiance Cole DeBoer.

It was still heartbreaking, however, watching Aubree's reaction.

"My other dad didn't come," the little one said through tears. 

Nothing can make up for the mess that is Adam Lind, but at least Cole seems like every bit the man and father figure the two girls need!

Speaking of messes, Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin are falling apart thanks to another major communication breakdown over FaceTime.

With Javi away on deployment, that's what it's come to for them.

Accusing his wife of being cold and lacking in feelings, he actually asked her at one point in their call, "What emotions go through your body?"

"Honestly, I just feel like you don't care … It would be nice if I could share some of my stories … You just don't even ask how I'm doing." 

Her response? "I'm gonna hang up now because that's bulls--t."

Wow. Later, Kail decided to reach out to Vee Torres (a.k.a. the girlfriend of her first baby daddy Jo Rivera) for some one-on-one bonding.

And venting about Javi, because that's totally healthy.

"We run out of things to talk about ... I can't relate to what he says," Kailyn said. "He gets upset because I don't show emotions. I never do." 


Finally, it appears something is wrong with Jenelle Evans.

No, we mean medically. Not in the "what is wrong with Jenelle Evans" sense of that phrase that could apply at any moment of any day.

She's having "hot flashes." She's got "numb fingers."

Her "eyes hurt" or "feel huge" and there's that "feeling of being in fog" where she "cannot spell" and has "uncontrollable body jerks at times."

Maybe being Jenelle for 25 years has just taken its toll.

Jenelle seemed concerned about the possibility of a thyroid issue, or MS, or Restless Leg Syndrome, venting to her mother Barbara:

"I have Restless Leg Syndrome! I can't even walk ... my knees and joints hurt! Something is wrong ... I think I have MS, I swear to f--king god."

Unfortunately, she was frustrated when doctors in NYC weren't able to give her results ... at least not before the end of this episode.

"I just feel so helpless, and I feel like nobody even cares," Jenelle told her boyfriend, David Eason. "I just want this pain to go away."

Maybe it's not all bad for the Carolina Hurricane, though.

At one point she noted that "I feel like I have Spidey senses" and can "see molecules," which sounds pretty bad ass to be totally honest.

Is she just becoming a superhero?!

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