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This season alone, fans have slammed Leah Messer a multitude of times for bad parenting.

And we’re feeling another strike coming on.

In a preview clip for Teen Mom 2, Corey Simms brings up concerns about six-year-old Ali, the daughter he shares with Leah.

Ali, who suffers from muscular dystrophy, is losing too much weight, Corey believes.

"Next time we go to Columbus, if I can’t go, you might want to mention about her diet," Corey tells Leah as she drops off their daughter.

Leah appears perplexed.

"Diet?" she asks, quizzically.

"How she’s not eating," Corey explains. "It takes everything I got to get her to eat."

Leah tells her ex that Ali eats when she’s with her, but Corey doesn’t think it’s sufficient.

"She eats, but she doesn’t eat enough," he says. "She’s been not eating for a while."

"We weighed her and now she’s 34 pounds," he continues.

"I think she’s lost weight because she was almost 40 pounds."

Leah looks concerned, confused and tired, then argues that she thinks Ali hasn’t gained or lost weight, but is just staying the same.

Still, she agrees to make a doctor’s appointment for their daughter to appease Corey.

Earlier this week, Leah was criticized for allowing her other daughter, Adalynn, to eat frosting straight out of the container.

Back in March, she came under fire for failing to feed her kids breakfast before school.

Is it possible Leah doesn’t understand the concept of proper nourishment for children?

Or is she really just the victim of unfair editing, like she has been asserting for the past few months?

You be the judge: