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Come on, Anne Hathaway. 

Stick by your hateful guns, will ya?

Anne Hathaway Premiere Pic
Photo via AFP/Getty Images

On Monday, the Oscar-winning actress shared a version of a popular meme on Instagram, one that urges people to be different “in a world of Kardashians.”

In this case, Hathaway wrote “In a world of Kardashians … Be a Helena Bonham Carter."

She included with the message a photo of the the veteran actress with her signature messy hair in a ponytail, her hands clutching a plain coffee mug.

“(Red) Queen,” Hathaway captioned the picture, referring to Carter’s Alice Through the Looking Glass character.

The two stars portray sisters in the brand new fantasy film. 

The Instagram post was met with some harsh backlash from Internet users who thought Hathaway was tearing down other women.

Which she clearly was. But who cares? What if those other women deserve it?

Isn’t it sexist to argue that one woman can’t make fun of another woman… just because they are women?

“Really Anne? You don’t have to put other people down to bring someone up,” one Instagram user wrote as an example of the criticism.

Wilting under these negative words, Hathaway deleted the original message and then shared a new one. It reads:


Like we said above: come on, Anne Hathaway!

There was no "unintentional shade" thrown at the Keeping Up with the Kardashians stars here.

That was some very intentional shade thrown. You wrote that the world is full of people like these reality stars and that folks should aim higher.

You were implying that the Kardashians are focused on the superficial and that there’s more to life than being famous and showing a lot of skin.

That’s a good message! That’s empowering to women! Why take it back and/or claim you didn’t mean it in the first place?

It’s not like you’d be alone in hating on these sisters. See what we mean below: