Sister Wives Season 7 Premiere Recap: Cue Catfishing Fallout!

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Last night on TLC, Sister Wives Season 7 Episode 1 took us back into the lives of the Browns and their always-turbulent living situation.

Oh how we missed them, too.

Serious Browns

At this point, you don't even have to watch Sister Wives online to know the general gist of what's going on with the polygamous family.

Yes, Meri Brown’s catfishing scandal has made plenty of headlines and the Season 7 premiere wasted no time delving into them.

Robyn Brown said flat out that “everything has changed” regarding the family dynamic since Meri revealed this jaw-dropping news.

Bottom line: A woman pretending to be a man had an emotional affair with Meri while the Browns were on vacation. It didn't end well.

“I ended up in Robyn’s hotel room one night and told her what was going on,” Meri confessed during a group family therapy session.

Meri “was very nervous” when she finally opened up about the whole catfish saga, Robyn says: “I could tell she was really embarrassed.

"She was worried I was going to judge her and she sat there and told me some pretty horrifying things that had happened to her.

"Things that she’s still dealing with.” 

Meri said that her would-be online lover who deceived her began blackmailing her online had threatened both her and her family.

“[They said] you don’t want to mess with me,” Meri explains, and as sister wife Janelle says, “this [was] a huge wake-up call” for her.

Christine was disgusted - that someone would do this to Meri. “That is just evil to create these identities to deceive people,” she said.

As for Kody, he felt like he'd been “kicked to the curb” and felt that he was going to be dumped by at least one of the Sister Wives.

“Is that right? Because, that’s how I feel,” he says, and she bluntly notes that her husband didn't take care of their relationship enough.

She also is pissed at the catfish freak for “bringing [the chaos] into the family” (and telling tabloids that Kody is only banging Robyn).

In any case ... it's NOT over. Yet.

The Browns' family, that is.

“There’s still a lot of stuff to figure out and we still have this person doing things and causing problems for us,” Meri Brown explains.

But there is hope. There is.

Kody tells her, arms wrapped around one of his four spouses as she breaks down, “I’m sorry this happened. We’ll be here for you."

Stay tuned.

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