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Affable, terribly-coiffed Sister Wives star Kody Brown may be down to a singular Sister Wife if this new tabloid report is to be believed.

Sister Wives DUMP Kody!

The new issue of Life & Style claims that the father of 18 (yes, 18) has been dispatched by not one, not two, but three of his four wives!

Could this be the end of the polygamous family?

Kody fourth wife, Robyn Brown welcomed his 18th child last weekend, giving birth to a baby girl at the (huge) family’s Las Vegas home.

It was the second baby for Robyn and Kody; Robyn has three kids from a previous relationship, and those three were adopted by Kody.

If you watch Sister Wives online, you know Kody had to divorce his first (and legal) wife to marry Robyn and make that adoption happen.

Amazingly, it is neither that drama or the Meri Brown catfishing scandal which has three wives packing their bags – allegedly – this week.

The celebrity news (term used loosely) publication claims that there’s another woman involved, and she’s letting the cat out of the bag.

What proverbial cat would that be? And what bag?

Honestly, we have no clue, but with Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, Meri Brown and Robyn Brown, Kody has his polygamous hands full.

On his best day. On his worst? Look out.

The magazine cover above claims that this epic rift is already in progress, which we highly doubt. But it does beg one interesting question:

If there truly were an affair or a scandal that tore this family apart, would he even have a legal leg to stand on with the other three wives?

The Browns moved to Nevada because of the Silver State’s lax enforcement of marriage laws, but he can still only marry once legally.

In other words, his other three "spiritual" unions could simultaneously implode very, very quickly in some hypothetical scenario. 

Stay tuned.