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A explosive new report claims that Sister Wives star Cody Brown is only sleeping with one of his four wives and the lucky (?) lady is Robyn.

The other three wives, understandably, are pretty pissed off about it … and that’s not even all. You won’t believe the source of this intel:

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In the wake of reports that Kody is cheating on the Sister Wives with a secret lover comes gossip from … Meri’s would-be catfish lover!

Oh yes, the woman who catfished Meri Brown (Kody’s wife thought she was a he) is ready to expose the Brown family in a new book.

According to Jackie Overton, a.k.a.  “Samuel Jacob Cooper," a.k.a. the woman behind Meri’s big “emotional affair,” it’s about to get REAL.

Overton, who befriended and ultimately seduced Meri over the Internet, promises to reveal explosive details about Brown family life.

What’s it like to be married to a man who is also “spiritually married” to other two women and legally married to another? Meri told her.

For one, Kody is reportedly only sleeping with his legal wife Robyn, who he recently got hitched to so he could adopt her three children.

Kode Man spends the bulk of his nights with her, which has caused major jealousy among the other neglected, emotionally reeling wives.

Especially Meri, obviously.

She revealed these feelings and secrets to “Samuel" not just for the sake of venting, but ’cause she was gonna bounce, Overton says.

During her affair, Meri reportedly told the other wives that deep down, “she did not want to be there anymore,” according to the insider.

“That she loved the kids but the marriage was done and she was not wanting to fix it. She said the second sister wife [Janelle] was shocked.”

Clearly, she never would up leaving and starting a life of her own … and her affair was exposed to the entire world after she got played.

Talk about adding insult to injury.

While the gang tried to get in front of the story, as you know if you watch Sister Wives online, that united front may be just that. A front.

Are the Browns crumbling behind closed doors? Is Kody about to be dumped by three of them? If so, will Robyn actually be excited?

Stay tuned.