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For the most part, the Kardashians are thick as thieves.

Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian: Cosmopolitan's 50th Birthday Celebration

But sometimes there is unrest among the sisters, particularly between Kim and Kourtney Kardashian.

Kourtney, who was recently tapped as a brand ambassador for Manuka Doctor, spoke to The New Potato about her health regimen, her beauty secrets and growing up with her two younger sisters, Kim and Khloe.

So, inquiring minds want to know, do the Kardashian girls fight like cats and dogs?

"It’s really rare that Khloe and I bicker," Kourtney said, an unsurprising answer given how close the two seem on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

"I think if one of us is not in a good mood or something, the other will be like ‘Well, you’re in a great mood today,’ and just be annoying to each other," Kourtney clarified (likely in that monotone way of hers.  Classic Kourt.).

"Kim and I…I feel like we will bicker. It’s not even bickering; we just have different ways of doing things," Kourtney explained.

"So even if it’s things with our kids, we’ll talk to each other about it. I’ll say, ‘I think I want to do this, this way,’ and then she wants to do something that way.

"She will give little digs as if my way is wrong or something."

That seems fair.

"I used to love confrontation – and I don’t love confrontation anymore – but sometimes it will really get to me and I’ll just go off," Kourtney said about mellowing out over time.

"And it feels so good. It’s more just a yelling, quick thing to let it be known that I’m always right (laughs)."