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Ok bai.

Kelly Ripa and New Co-Host Michael Strahan
Photo via Getty Images

That is how we’re envisioning Kelly Ripa’s parting words to Live! co-host Michael Strahan on May 13th, when he leaves the show after four years for a new gig at Good Morning America.

Sources from the set tell TMZ that Ripa "barely says a word" to Strahan when the cameras stop rolling.

Their usual drill of Strahan knocking on Ripa’s dressing room door to walk out on stage together no long exists.  

Instead, Ripa just walks out of her room "without even acknowledging him."

Gone are the days when Ripa would leave the door open while she was in makeup so Strahan could pop in and say hello.

This is the complete opposite of what Ripa preached when she returned to Live!, when she insisted that the lines of communication in the workplace need to be open in order for everyone to be happy and productive.

TMZ reports that the staffers believe Strahan did nothing wrong to deserve Ripa’s silent treatment.

"All he did was agree to be a good soldier and go to another show on the same network … per bosses orders," according to TMZ.

New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony and Matt Bomer are booked as tomorrow’s guests, according to the site.

Following Strahan’s departure, Ripa will be joined by guest co-hosts Jimmy Kimmel, Fred Savage, Seal and Andy Cohen.

It’s rumored that Ripa’s friend, Anderson Cooper will permanently replace Strahan, but there’s been no official confirmation yet.

On Wednesday, Ripa joked on-air that she might move the show to Los Angeles after Strahan’s departure.

The New Jersey native is this week’s People cover girl, and she explained that her daughter is looking at schools, and will likely go west.

"Lola, I am certain, will go to college in California," Ripa told the magazine.

"She’s been wanting to live in California since she saw that Hannah Montana movie a thousand years ago."

So yesterday, Strahan brought it up.

"Eventually I would have to go, right?" she asked.

"And then I could be a Hollywood wife."