Farrah Abraham SLAMMED For Stripper Joke About Her Daughter!

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There's nothing new about Farrah Abraham making shockingly inappropriate comments about her 7-year-old daughter Sophia. After all, this is the same woman who openly admits that she expects her daughter to make a sex tape someday. 

Farrah lives to court controversy, and unfortunately, her daughter is a frequent pawn in her game. We should learn to ignore "jokes" like this one, because we know Abraham loves any sort of attention - but we just can't turn away from the trainwreck:

Sophia Abraham on Instagram

As you can see, that's Sophia climbing a pole on a jungle gym, because that's what kids do.

Farrah seized the opportunity to make a cringe-worthy joke, because that's what Farrah does.

"So this is why the playground is so popular -  oh boy," Abraham Snapchat captioned (Snaptioned?) in what we assume was an attempt at humor.

The joke went over about as well as you would expect:

“Are you referring to the pole your child is playing on is like a stripper pole?” wrote one user on Farrah's Instagram page.

“Do you seriously think that was an appropriate comment? You can’t be that stupid,” wrote another.

“So you’re insinuating your daughter is a stripper. Such a good mom,” added a third.

These, of course, are some of the more polite critiques. 

Other followers full-on went for the jugular:

“This is your child, and post some ss-t like that?” wrote one seriously angry follower. “#CPS please take this baby away from this crazy b--ch!

While the joke obviously fell flat, the fact that Farrah captioned the pic, "#parenthood few do it right" and tagged TMZ, McDonald's, People magazine and Chelsea Handler is objectively hilarious.

What she says is true, though; few "do parenting" well.

Sadly, Farrah is not among them.

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