Adam Lind: BUSTED Photoshopping Nude Selfies!

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At this point, Adam Lind nude photos are nothing new.

Adam Lind Shows Off His Tattoos

In fact graphic sexual images of Lind seem to surface online about once a week. 

Even though they're usually found on his social media accounts, it's not uncommon for Lind to blame someone else for the fact that his racy selfies were "leaked" online.

But now we may have evidence that the worst baby daddy in Teen Mom history has not only been posting the pics himself, he's been altering them so that he'll appear, ahem...bigger.

The folks at Radar Online had a Photoshop expert examine several photos posted by Lind in order to determine if the father of two is giving fans a false impression of his musculature.

Apparently, there's one area in particular that Lind is seriously insecure about, as he seems obsessed with making it appear.

Oh, get your minds of the gutter, people!

We're talking about his forearms, of course.

Adam Lind Shirtless Selfie

Yes, expert Barry Allen says that in several photos it looks as though Lind has taken great pains to make his forearms look wider and more muscular.

"It's possible he was trying to pull out his forearm to make it look bigger," Allen says.

"Wood trim starts in one place and ends somewhere else. These photographs are extremely suspicious given the complete mismatch in those lines."

Allen added that Lind favors angles that make his torso appear slimmer, and in some cases he's inconsistent with his alterations.

"In one picture, his forearm looks tiny," Allen says. "What happened here? In the other picture your arm was like Popeye the Sailor!"

Sounds like Lind is as bad at Photoshop as he is at being a dad.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive his many, many lowlights. 

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