Adam Lind: Nude Selfie Posted on Instagram! AGAIN!

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It was less than a month ago that graphic photos of Adam Lind pleasuring girlfriend Jessica Nicole emerged on Instagram and created some serious PR and legal headaches for the Teen Mom villain.

Now, it looks as though he's either forgotten about that controversy, or he really enjoyed the publicity, because Lind has posted another round of racy photos:

Adam Lind Naked

Based on his lengthy caption, we're guessing the 26-year-old aspiring bodybuilder missed the attention:

"Can't wait for these comments," Lind wrote under the above Instagram pics.

"I give it till noon or shortly after TMZ/radar has a blasting story on how proud they are of me and my success ..mind you there is no nudity.

"Yes I was naked when looking at my body kinda a big deal to me since it's my lifestyle and could land me future sponsors or sign on with under armour or Nike etc.

"Then I'll be making big bucks doing what I love and getting free stuff !! ughh I really hope Dr drew and Randy approve of this.  #bodybuilding #powerlifting #gym #cockblocked #bigchange #underarmour #musclepharm #liftheavy #fuckem #doyou #behappy"

Yes, the man wrote a freakin' novel about a couple naked selfies, but as he said, this is his lifestyle (we assume he meant "livelihood"), and he has big dreams of making big bucks with an endorsement deal from Nike [insert laughing til we cry Emojis here].

After his previous round of explicit pics went public, Lind was dumped by girlfriend Stasia Hubert, but they got back together shortly thereafter. 

So either she decided she doesn't mind if he gets naked all over social media, or he decided he's not gonna let her embarrassment get in the way of his "career."

Either way, we're sure Chelsea Houska (the long-suffering source of Lind's fame) is doing some serious eye-rolling right now.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to remind yourself of the insane amount of crap Lind has put Chelsea through.

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