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This woman grew up in one of the world’s most superficial cities, and has gone under the knife for a breast augmentation and a nose job, so taking a photo with one of the doctors from Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery is normal.  I think.

Tori Spelling Instagrams Her Experience at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery
Tori Spelling: 'Batman Forever' Premiere
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"Met such an amazing man and dr today. So knowledgeable and personable!" Spelling Instagram’d.

"Thanks #DrGabrielChiu @bhpsinc for taking care of my skin!"

To say that Spelling has been stressed out over the past two years is an understatement.  She and husband Dean McDermott have faced financial issues, as well as his admission to cheating on her while on location in Canada in 2014.

"Tori’s face is not looking good,” a source told OK! back in November 2014.

“Everything is sagging because she doesn’t have the money to maintain some of the major work she’s had done. She’s starting to deeply regret ever going under the knife.”

More recently, Spelling and McDermott were slapped with a lawsuit from American Express for failing to pay their bills.  

Even worse, Candy Spelling confirmed (while getting into her chauffeured vehicle) that she pays for just about everything for Spelling and her kids.

So, Spelling could be forgiven for popping into BHPS for a little refresher, especially if it’s complimentary (because CELEBRITY).

Candy Spelling Pays Tori Spelling's Bills! Not Helping With Amex Suit!