Leah Messer: Teen Mom 2 is FAKE! Jeremy Was SO INTO Me!!

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Leah Messer is very well-compensated for allowing her trainwreck life to play out for the cameras on Teen Mom 2, but is it worth it?

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The mom of three has been lashing out at MTV for editing her segments to portray her as a horrible parent and all-around hot mess.

In her latest inflammatory tweet, she calls the reality TV franchise that made her rich "fake" and says she's "so over it."

"I'm 99.9% sure those feelings were mutual," she wrote. "I could go in detail, but wont."

"Oh, how I love this fake a#% TV show.  #SoOverIt."

The "feelings" she is referring to are the ones on display between her and second ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert, Monday night.

In a recent episode of Teen Mom 2, the 23-year-old appeared to drunkenly flirt with Jeremy while on a dinner date.

However, her baby daddy did not seem to reciprocate her advances.

Here's the clip in question if you missed it earlier this week:

“There’s no excuse for the mistakes I’ve made,” she said. “But I wonder where we would be had we been together through my treatment.”

(Leah went to rehab in mid-2015 to address issues with depression and anxiety, although many fans suspected she was addicted to pain pills.)

Clearly getting a good buzz on, Leah looked as though she were fishing for Calvert to respond in kind ... which he did not.

"I'm not gonna lie to you, there was nights when I was scared for the girls," said Jeremy, who is now dating Brooke Wehr.

"We shouldn't have just gave up," she tells him.

“I tried, I gave up,” he told her.

Perhaps it was clever editing that left Leah looking like a saucy coquette while Jeremy remained stone-faced, cool and collected.

We don't know what the producers of the MTV staple left on the cutting room floor, but we kind of wish Leah would spill.

Give it a few hours on Twitter?

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