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At any given moment, Jenelle Evans is involved in multiple court battles, so it’s not surprising that she decided to cross one case off her personal docket by accepting a settlement from Nathan Griffith.

Jenelle Evans on The Doctors

Just so we’re clear, the custody battle between Jenelle and Nathan has yet to be decided, and it’s getting uglier by the day.

But according to Radar Online Jenelle and Nathan have reached an agreement that should clear up the matter of Nathan’s larceny charges before they head back to court later this month determine custody of 1-year-old Kaiser.

The charges stem from an incident back in February in which Jenelle had Nathan arrested for allegedly stealing her car for the odd reason of obtaining some clothing and other items that he purchased for Kaiser out of the trunk.

Now, both parties have agreed that if Nathan pays for the clothes, Jenelle will temporarily cease her efforts to have him thrown in jail.

“Jenelle agreed for Nathan to pay her $300 for Kaiser’s missing clothes and then the charges will be dropped once he pays Jenelle,” says one insider.

“Nathan paid $200 already and has a week to pay the other $100."

As this arrangement resulted in minimal suffering for the father of her child, Evans is obviously less than thrilled about it:

“Jenelle isn’t sure why she agreed to that, but she isn’t happy that she did,” says the insider.

Don’t worry, Jenelle. You’ll have plenty of other opportunities to make Nathan’s life hell.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to see Jenelle and Nathan in happier times. Actually, we’re not sure if Jenelle is capable of happiness.