Farrah Abraham Creates New Name for Fans, Despite Not Having Any

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These days, it's not uncommon for celebrities to come up with a collective name for their fans.

For example, Lady Gaga has her "Little Monsters" and Justin Bieber's got "Beliebers," and their followers wear the moniker proudly.

Farrah Abraham in white shirt

And then there's Farrah Abraham. 

The two-bit reality TV personality has chosen the name "RahRahs" to describe her fans, alluding to the last syllable of her first name, but it doesn't seem to be catching on. 

The Teen Mom OG star used the indicator in her last two Instagram posts, trying hard to make it a thing.

"Thanks for all your support my #RAHRAHS" she wrote in the caption of an image promoting her social media accounts.

"Can you guess what I'm up to next from my #snapchat love all my #RahRahs," she captioned a second post.

However, upon clicking the presumptuous hashtag, one is taken to a collection of posts primarily depicting cheerleaders.

In fact, the only two entries that have anything to do with Farrah are the ones she posted herself.

Let's see if it's taking off on Twitter.

Aha! We see the hashtag used by a fan here! That's right, a fan. As in, one.

It's a direct tweet to Farrah in reply to her hashtagged tweet, coming from @WhitneysTruLove, a user who claims to have been Whitney Houston's married life partner.

Welp, you gotta hand it to the woman.

Fail as she might, Farrah is unrelenting in her attempts to drum up publicity for herself, whether she's trying to resurrect old beefs with Nicki Minaj or starring in Easter Bunny porn.

Sorry, Farrah, much like "fetch," #rahrahs just isn't going to happen.

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