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As you may recall, the Farrah Abraham vs. Nicki Minaj feud offered up some seriously entertaining tirades earlier this year.

Farrah Abraham MTV Movie Awards Photo
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Nicki Minaj: The 2015 MTV Video Music Awards
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In fairness, Nicki started the whole thing, calling Farrah a "c-nt" for her behavior on Teen Mom.

But it was Farrah who took the shade to new heights, having her 6-year-old daughter slam Minaj on video, and publicly encouraging Nicki to focus on her "rapist brother."

Remarkably, Nicki took mercy on Farrah and let the beef slide, but it seems Ms. Abraham just doesn’t know when to let sleeping rappers lie.

Asked about her feelings toward Nicki at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards over the weekend, Farrah had this to say about a woman who could verbally tear her limb-from-limb:

"That’s been over with, but I have to say that I’m really disappointed in a woman acting like that. My God, there’s just been so many disappointments, not just with me but other public figures, other artists, and it’s just f–king shady to do that sh-t."

Sadly, someone like Farrah is small potatoes in Nicki’s world, so Minaj probably won’t respond, but we’re holding out hope that she’s in the studio working on a diss track right now.

When you’re beefing with Farrah, there’s so much material to work with.