Brandi Glanville: I Was BLACKMAILED Into Posting Nude Photo!

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Earlier this week, Brandi Glanville posted a photo of herself in a thong that left little to the imagination. 

Brandi Glanville Thong Photo

Basically, the thong is just there so she can get around Instagram's no-nudity policy on a technicality.

Anyway, photos of Brandi's butt are nothing new, but this time, there's an added layer to the story.

The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star initially claimed that she posted the pic to "prove that moms can be hot" (because celebs get naked for a cause!), but it turns out there may have been motivated by sinister forces.

Brandi talked about the pic on her podcast this week, and it seems she was blackmailed - yes, blackmailed - into posting her naked ass on the Internet:

"Here's the real deal. I'm very proud of my body, I take good care of it. Mark [Hasche, her hairstylist] took that picture last Christmas when he was taking my weave out," she said.

"Then I was texting with somebody who I used to date and he very passive aggressively made it known and made it very well aware that he had a lot of sexy pictures with me, so I had better be nice to him in the press."

We think she was kidding?

Hard to tell with Brandi, but we really hope someone isn't actually forcing her to put her butt all over social media.

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