Taylor Swift Lookalike Launching New Show? Real Taylor FURIOUS?!

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Last year, a 19-year-old named Aussie Olivia Sturgiss gained instant fame when Instagram users flipped over her uncanny resemblance to Taylor Swift.

Olivia Sturgiss and Taylor Swift

Even Taylor herself acknowledged that the girl was her veritable doppelganger. The singer met Olivia backstage at a concert in Melbourne, Australia and snapped a photo with her (above).

Now it seems Olivia may be trying to cash in on her lucky DNA by launching a show in which she impersonates her idol, according to Celeb Dirty Laundry.

Olivia recently appeared on Aussie television’s Channel Ten’s The Project and was told by host Tommy Little that should could easily get rich just by showing up in front of audiences looking like Taylor. 

Little brought the idea to publicist Max Markson, who agreed to produce the "Taylor Swift Show."

Markson predicted that by doing a show four nights a week, Olivia could earn $5,000 a night or $1 million per year.

Little paraded Olivia around the Pitt Street Mall in Sydney, where she was reportedly stopped numerous times by fans thinking she was Taylor.

“Yesterday I counted about six times. It’s usually like ‘You look like that lass on the tell love,’” said Olivia. 

Well, all sounds hunky dory down under for Olivia and Co. now, doesn't it?

But wait, there's got to be a catch.

According to CDL, Taylor is a money-grubbing behemoth who won't take kindly to some lassie trying to make a quick buck off of her hard work.

As proof, the site refers to Taylor's battle with Apple Music, in which the singer threatened to withhold her "1989" album unless the streaming service agreed to pay the artists royalties.

However, there's a tremendous difference between a music giant trying to cheat artists out of royalties and a young woman doing a simple impersonation.

Hell, there's already a gazillion drag queens in blond wigs and sparkly gowns belting out off-key versions of "Bad Blood" around the globe, and I'm sure Taylor thinks it's a hoot.

We've got a feeling Taylor will simply wish this girl well and go back to shredding hundred dollar bills to line her cat's litter box.

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