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This is all our fault, America.

(JK, she seems like a sweetheart)

Anastasiya Kvitko Models a Nude Dress

May I introduce Anastasiya Kvitko, a Russian model who was once instructed by an agency to slim down after moving to Miami.

Hell no, Kvitko said.  She was going to market those God-given curves.

2.6 million Instagram followers later, Kvitko assumes her popularity is due in party to the acceptance of different types of beauty.

"I think it’s because of my feminine forms," Kvitko told Russian media outlet, Sputnik why she’s amassed such a following.

"I don’t know why now myself, there is such a boom for Kim Kardashian, that they themselves decided to compare me to her.

Anastasiya Kvitko Shows Off Curves in a Black Dress

"When I was 17 years old, I was noticed by famous fashion photographer Anvar Norov, and after that I liked being a model, and continued on this path.  

Plus, photographers themselves wrote to me, offering to photograph me, looking at my outstanding complexion." 

Kvitko is confident that her star will rise nearly as high as Kardashian’s.  

Anastasiya Kvitko in Hollywood

"I get a lot of offers from advertisement agencies here in the US, and such great popularity is not far away."

The rise of Kim Kardashian-ish models is a sign of the times, I suppose.  Kvitko is only the latest model to draw comparison to the Armenian reailty star.  Sonia Ali and Kamilla Osman have made a name for themselves for the very same reasons.