Sonia Ali: Photos of The Internet's Best Kim Kardashian Lookalike!

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We've seen plenty of Kim Kardashian lookalikes (including Kim's youngest sister) over the years, but never before have we laid eyes on such such a jaw-dropping dead ringer as Sonia Ali.

Sonia is a Londoner who shares an Instagram account with her makeup artist sister Fyza. 

If it's Fyza's contouring that turns her sister into Kim, than the woman deserves...whatever prize makeup artists get for the most mind blowing social media page.

Even Kylie Jenner doesn't look this much like Kim and the girl can steal products straight from big sis' room.

So check out the Kim doppelganger to end all Kim doppelgagngers in the gallery below.

We've still never seen the Kim lookalike who starred in Kanye's sex tape, but for now, Sonia wins the prize:


1. Sonia Ali: The Lost Kardashian

Sonia Ali: The Lost Kardashian
How is this girl not at least related to Kim? Frankly, we think Sonia should make a trip to Calabasas and hit the Kard clan up for some money.

2. Sonia Ali: Face and Body

Sonia Ali: Face and Body
Sonia looks like Kim Kardashian in just about every way. Okay, isn't ass isn't quite as big, but whose is?

3. Sonia Ali: Kim Kardashian's Stunt Double

Sonia Ali: Kim Kardashian's Stunt Double
Kim should really hire Sonia. She could do appearances or just sit and listen when Kanye goes on one of his rants.

4. Sonia Ali Closeup

Sonia Ali Closeup
Even super close up, Sonia looks an awful lot like Kim. The resemblance is seriously uncanny.

5. Sonia Ali: Kim Kardashian's Twin!

Sonia Ali: Kim Kardashian's Twin!
Seriously, how is this girl not a Kardashian? Someone test her DNA!

6. Sonia or Kim?

Sonia or Kim?
We here at THG spend a lot of time looking at photos of Kim Kardashian. And you could totally convince us this is her. (It's not.)

7. Sonia Ali: Kim Kardashian Lookalike

Sonia Ali: Kim Kardashian Lookalike
Sonia Fyza is the Internet's latest Kim Kardashian lookalike. She might be the most convincing one yet.

8. Sonia Ali as Casual Kim

Sonia Ali as Casual Kim
Even when she's not wearing much makeup, Sonia looks a LOT like Kim. We're guessing she signs the occasional autograph.

9. Sonia Ali: Kim 2.0

Sonia Ali: Kim 2.0
Sonia Fyza is basically a Kim Klone. Here's hoping she finds a way to get paid from it.

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