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Back in January we learned that Tori Spelling is broke.

Unlike other celebs who have declared bankruptcy but continued to live the high life, Spelling’s situation seemed genuinely dire, as she and husband Dean McDermott were forced to sell their home in posh Calabasas and move into a rental home in middle-class Encino.

Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott Dine at Cecconi's
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Now, however, it seems that either the couple has magically recovered or Tori has simply stopped caring, as the troubled actress was spotted indulging in a shopping spree in Los Angeles yesterday.

"Whenever things get very stressful for Tori, she either goes shopping or moves," an insider tells Radar Online.

As the daughter of famed television producer Aaron Spelling, Tori was born into a life of great privilege, but the actress has been forced to majorly tighten her belt in recent years.

Acting jobs have dried up, forcing Tori to accept an embarrassing endorsement deal that has her shilling for a psychic hotline in a series of TV commercials. 

Her mother, Candy Spelling, has stated that she helps out financially from time to time, but refuses on principle to bail her daughter and son-in-law out of debt.

"The entire situation is just very sad because Tori wants to be working, but there just isn’t a lot being offered to her," says the source.

"Tori is very impulsive and the reason the family is in such a bad financial situation because of the bad deals made from the sale of their past houses."

Needless to say, it’s not an ideal time for Tori to be hitting up her favorite stores.

Unless, of course, she’s picking up job applications.