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As you may have heard, Tori Spelling is broke.

We don’t mean she’s Hollywood broke, and her masseuse only comes over twice a week now. We mean she’s can’t pay her credit card bills, regular folk broke.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott on a Red Carpet
Photo via Nicky Nelson/

Fortunately, after months of whining about not wanting to sell some of her wildly expensive crap and begging her rich mom for help, Tori is finally willing to put her nose to the grindstone and start making some cash again.

Tori’s been shilling for a psychic hotline in a series of commercials that must be somewhat embarrassing for the former TV actress, but the ads (mostly run on late night basic cable), certainly didn’t pay enough to cover Spelling’s six-figure debt.

Now, however, Radar Online is reporting that Tori and her equally-unemployed husband Dean McDermott have actually managed to find work in a pair of new reality shows.

The couple will team up for something called Tori & Dean’s Spring Picnic, which will air on the Cooking Channel next month. 

In addition, sources say Tori will go solo in a series of appearances on David Tutera’s CELEBrations on We TV.

“Tori was paid around $100,000 for each show, which is a ton of money for very little work," says one insider.

Sadly, like everything in Tori’s life, the good news comes with a downside:

“She won’t be seeing much of it though,” says the source. "She has to pay her agent and manager a cut.

“Family members have also loaned Tori money, and those individuals need to be paid back too."

Yes, 200 grand isn’t a ton of cash when you have Tori and Dean’s debt.

Ironically, if they get poor enough that their daily struggle to survive becomes reality TV-worthy, they might be in for some big bucks!