Selena Gomez: Terrified of Dating Because of Justin Bieber?!

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Call it a case of PTS-Biebs.

Awful puns aside, it seems Selena Gomez was genuinely emotionally traumatized by her many breakups with Justin Bieber - so much so that she now finds it difficult to enter into new relationships.

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“Selena has seen some writing on the wall that her having a relationship in the future is going to be very, very hard," a source close to the singer tells Hollywood Life.

"She has joked so much to friends that she is going to be single forever that some friends are actually believing it.”

Selena dated Zedd for a short time after her relationship with Bieber came to a close.

That was followed by rumors that she was dating Niall Horan, but a relationship with the One Direction singer never materialized.

The insider says it's no accident that Selena's relationships never quite get off the ground:

“She is very apprehensive in trying something new or being set up because she believes it is doomed to fail from the start for a plethora of reasons.

"She covers those emotions up though by always working, she now wants to be continuously busy whether it is with her tour or doing films. It gives her an excuse to not stress on meeting a guy."

Fortunately, there is hope.

The source says Selena has been inspired by her friend Taylor Swift's relationship with Calvin Harris, and she's starting to feel that if they can find happiness, maybe there's hope for her post-Bieber love life after all.

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