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It looks like things are getting pretty serious between lovebirds Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift.

Harris, 31, is planning on introducing his new girlfriend to his family after only four months of dating.

Taylor Swift with Calvin Harris
Photo via C.Smith/

A source revealed to Us Weekly, “They’re planning a trip to the UK with a few days in Scotland so she can meet his parents.”

The couple made their relationship public in March.  Since then, they have appeared to be (disgustingly) happy.

Swift has already introduced Calvin to her parents.  And he hit it off with her folks. “Her parents love him,” a sourced claimed.  “They think he’s the greatest.”

The EDM star hung out with Swift’s dad at her 1989 concert in Chicago on July 19.

By the looks of it, Harris is head over heels for Taylor.  When asked about their relationship, he told Britain’s KISS FM that it’s "absolutely fantastic.”

He gushed that they are “insanely happy.”  He even added that Taylor checks “boxes I didn’t even know existed.”

Taylor is known for baking, barbecuing, and hosting parties.  Her talent, charm, and food seems to have won his heart!  Of course, the second easiest way to win a man over is to feed him.  Well played, Tay.

It looks like this might be a lasting relationship.  The source said, "This is the real thing. She’s generally an incredible cook and human being.”