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Caila Quinn had her heart broken a second time in one season of The Bachelor last night as ABC pulled the rug out from under her.

Having finished third on Ben Higgins’ season, she was cut loose after an overnight date, only to be tapped as The Bachelorette. Until …

Caila and JoJo Together

Chris Harrison named JoJo Fletcher The Bachelorette in front of a live studio audience, despite Caila having previously landed the gig.

Or so we were led to believe. Was it all just a red herring? Did fans get played – and was Caila a pawn in producers’ plans to do so?

According to the Oracle of The Bachelor Spoilers, Reality Steve, the show pulled a 180 on Caila just a few days before Monday’s finale.

It looked fairly certain that the 24-year-old Caila got the job, given that a camera crew was seen filming in hometown of Hudson, Ohio.

Given her multi-racial heritage, and the fact that The Bachelorette role usually does not go to the runner-up, but another top-four finisher?

Us Weekly, TMZ and other media outlets ran with the story that the half-Filipino beauty would be handing out roses this May on ABC.

Not so fast, it turned out. Just two weeks after viewers saw her get her dumped by Ben Higgins, the show dispatched Caila once more.

Producers apparently had a change of heart about who would start filming earlier this month, which means in the past two weeks tops.

Caila Quinn reportedly found out on Thursday that she wouldn’t be getting her own "journey" to find love, and she is “not happy” whatsoever.

According to Steve, much of her disappointment is based on missing out on a “huge opportunity to build her brand,” for what it’s worth.

As for Jojo, she’s the first woman who made the top two on The Bachelor to be named The Bachelorette since Emily Maynard in 2012.

Emily, of course, won the final rose that year, but was tapped as The Bachelorette after ending her brief engagement to Brad Womack.

Prior to that, you have to go back to DeAnna Pappas in 2008, when she was dispatched on the finale by … Brad, who picked no one.

Everyone else since then has been a top three or four finisher, so the 11th hour Jojo Fletcher pick caught a lot of people by surprise. 

Think ABC made the right call? Discuss!