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Reportedly Justin Bieber cheated on Selena Gomez with Kylie Jenner last month and his alleged infidelity served as the nail in the coffin of their longterm, on-again, off-again relationship.

Of course, Justin and Selena have broken up so many times, it was widely assumed that they’d make up yet again.

Selena Gomez Blocks Justin Bieber From Phone

According, to a new report from London’s Daily Mail, however, Selena squashed any hopes of reconciliation by blocking Justin from her phone and cutting all social media ties with the troubled star.

To 20-year-olds, this is abject horror.

"Selena has blocked Justin’s number," says a source close to Gomez. "She’s really trying to forget him since he’s not willing to be committed."

The insider adds: "She’s done with letting him get away with cheating on her."


So after all their ups and downs and Justin’s constant scrapes with the law, is there anything that would get Selena to give the Biebs another chance?

Shockingly, the source says yes. And you’ll never guess what.

"An engagement ring might do it," the supposed insider says of the toxic twosome, however, "otherwise she’s done and wants to let it go."

We’ve gotta say, we’re a bit disappointed with Selena on this one. So many reasons to cut Justin Bieber out of your life and your final straw was that he’s not willing to put a ring on it?!

Reportedly Selena is dating Orlando Bloom these days, and while the age difference between might be a little creepy, we’re hoping a relationship between these two, well… blooms

Anything to get her away from Justin, whose downward spiral continues to reach epic proportions and is only showing signs of getting worse.

Besides, the scratching and hair-pulling that would ensue if Justin and Orlando ever got into a physical confrontation would be hilarious to watch. 

Here’s Jelena in happier times …