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They are never, ever, ever … getting back together! Or are they? A new Snapchat video has fans wondering that very question … again.

Kourtney Kardashian posted a clip Monday in which her estranged baby daddy Scott Disick claims they are, in fact getting back together.

But it also appears that he’s kidding … we think.

"Look who it is, Baby Daddy Disick at the studio. I run into him today,” the Keeping Up With the Kardashians beauty says in the video.

Baby Daddy Disick. That could be a good social media handle if God ever comes after @LetTheLordBeWithYou for copyright infringement.

Anyway, Kourtney’s second clip really got fans buzzing, as it shows the parents of three sitting next to each other and smiling happily.

“Hey, so we wanted you guys to hear it first … we are getting back together,” Disick says before giving his longtime lover a kiss on the cheek.

“No!” Kourtney says immediately, giggling.

From the tone of his voice, and her reaction, it’s pretty clear that Scott is being facetious and she knows it, yet things are looking up.

By all accounts, they are not an item in the exclusive, romantic sense, though the door is always open, and they remain on good terms.

On March 17, when Kardashian also posted Snapchats riding in the car with the self-proclaimed Lord, she said of their relationship status:

“By the way, everyone relax."

"We have three kids together," she added, trying to head off the inevitable social media firestorm at the pass. "We spend time together.”

Okay. That’s a fair point.

As is the fact that Scott is reportedly dating Kendall Jenner lookalike Christine Burke, 20, or so a new round of Internet rumors suggests.

Kourtney, for her part, has indicated that she’s single now, though she’s been linked to Chris Reda and that douchelord Justin Bieber.

We just pray the 36-year-old addresses more interesting topics like this the next time she answers questions in an #AskKourtney chat.

Seriously. Here’s hoping.